While there are plenty of articles about the appropriate amount to tip servers, rarely do we consider how much we should be tipping our pizza delivery drivers. They’re subject to a bunch of extra expenses waiters don’t have to concern themselves with. Things like gas, repairs and car insurance are all costs a driver has to deal that a server doesn’t.

How Much Should You Tip Pizza Delivery Drivers?

The short answer is five dollars. That does the trick most times, but there are some scenarios where more is expected. For instance, in the case of a large order, 15% to 20% is more on par. Also, a bigger tip may get you faster service.

Why fifteen percent? Though their jobs may seem less demanding than a waiter’s, this couldn’t be further from the case. As mentioned above, there are many costs a driver has that a server doesn’t.

What’s in It for Me?

Let’s face reality; a large tip will usually translate into better service in the future. Word travels fast among delivery drivers, especially in Seminole. Known “hot tippers” typically get priority on delivery runs.

What Is A “Delivery Fee”?

We’ve all seen the $5 delivery fee tacked onto our delivery bills, but despite what you may think drivers never see a dime of these fees. So it’s a mistake to factor this surcharge into their final tip amount.

What If My Food Arrives Cold?

If your pie arrives a bit colder than you’d like, try not to take it out on your delivery driver. This is often due to a manager’s mishandling of dispatch. Sometimes they’ll put too much on one driver’s shoulders which will sometimes result in late deliveries. A gentle, non-yelling complaint will often result in a discount the next time around should this occur.

If you know you live in a hard to find area, sometimes it’s a good idea to meet the driver outside. This is especially a good idea if you live where parking is hard to find, like downtown Seminole

What Should I Wear to Answer the Door?

We realize no one wants to change out of their comfy pajamas to receive their pizza from the delivery driver. It’s one of the major reasons we order in the first place. Thankfully, sweats and PJ’s are the norm. Just don’t answer the door naked!

Can I Place an Order Right Before the Restaurant Closes?

One of the biggest pet peeves of the entire service industry, including pizza delivery drivers, is when a customer places an order only minutes before the restaurant closes. Thirty minutes before closing time is just fine, but walking into a place at 11:59 when they close at midnight is just poor form. Try avoiding this if at all possible.

Is It Rude to Order During Inclement Weather?

The short answer is no. Just be sure to include a bit extra in your tip. These summer storms spring up out of nowhere in Seminole and they’re a pain to drive through. If you’re asking your pizza delivery driver to do something you wouldn’t want to do, be sure to compensate them accordingly.

One Last Thing…

If you take anything from this article, let it be this: Pizza delivery drivers are working really hard and there are a lot of things that can go wrong while in route to your place. Like most jobs, drivers are subject to many factors that are often beyond their control. So be courteous, be patient, and most importantly, be a GOOD TIPPER!

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