Pizza is the perfect meal for any time of the year, and you can enjoy it at home, at work, or while on vacation. Residents and visitors all along the Gulf Coast know this. However, with all the pizzerias near Indian Shores, which one is the best?

Change Up Your Chain Habit

When it comes to pizza, many people immediately think of national chains. These chains have thousands of franchises around the country that back up the quality and taste of their food.

However, the greatest pizzerias near Indian Shores are unique and typically do not have more than one location. The rarity of these restaurants makes them all the more desirable for tourists and native beachgoers. Also, not only are you getting a unique experience, but you are also supporting a local business that relies on their customers to thrive.

Pay Attention to the Menu

The best pizzerias near Indian Shores feature items that you will not be able to find anywhere else. For example, Nino’s Restaurant in New York City offers a $1,000 pizza, exclusive to their restaurant. With specialty items, you get an original and authentic experience that cannot be recreated elsewhere.

Many restaurants feature customized pies that are unique to the owners, employees, and sometimes, customers. The topping combinations can be wild, but it is a great way to try something new that you might find out you enjoy.

Many eateries also offer alternatives to the classic Italian dish, though offerings are unique to each place. Some have subs and wings while others provide savory pasta dishes and homemade desserts.

How Fresh are the Ingredients?

Many restaurants used premade doughs and sauces on their pies, taking away from the taste. The best pizzerias near Indian Shores use fresh ingredients, and in-house made crusts and sauces because they know how important they are for a good meal.

At Brooklyn Pizza Co, we only use the freshest ingredients on our pies. Our dough is made daily with natural spring water. In addition, we make our sauce daily with ground vine-ripened pear tomatoes imported from California. Finally, we top our pies with Wisconsin grande whole milk mozzarella. Our basics start with the best, and we move up from there with fresh onions, basil, spinach, and more.

Brooklyn Pizza Company — One of the Top Pizzerias Near Indian Shores

If you want one of the best pizzerias near Indian Shores, look no further than Brooklyn Pizza Co. We consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of the tastiest, freshest, and most delicious food around. Our pies got us going, but we also offer unique calzones, chicken parmesan, wings, homemade cannoli, and more. In addition, for those spending their day at the water’s edge, we offer delivery. For more information on our delicious offerings, visit us online or call us at (727) 317-0044.