Even though there are many potential dinner choices, a local pizza restaurant is still a popular choice for millions throughout the U.S. Indian Shores patrons deciding where to eat should not depend on just any product. Great tasting and healthy options are not typically considered staples of many pizzerias. However, that is not because it is impossible. There are many benefits to having a slice, depending on the ingredients.

Beneficial Pizza Ingredients

By relying on fresh and wholesome ingredients, customers at Brooklyn Pizza Company can avoid the filler and old items common to large chains. Multiple inquiries into the items sold at chain locations found that much of the meat has more preservatives and less nutrition. Chemicals also affect the taste and texture of the product as they will typically store it for long periods of time. Even the sauces are known to contain significant amounts of additives like calcium disodium EDTA. Companies can provide better tasting items for nearly the same price by not relying on multiple preservatives. However, cutting corners by using cheap cheeses and old dough is still a way some locations increase profit. Indian Shores residents can enjoy a slice with the crispy, gooey goodness indicative of a fresh slice using extra-virgin olive oil and California pear tomatoes.

Fresh Tomatoes

A pizza restaurant often provides lots of options that involve tomatoes. Besides being a delicious part of any dish, fresh vegetables are healthy and offer numerous benefits. Unlike other foods and even supplements, the fruit contains three important antioxidants. Health-conscious families throughout Indian Shores can enjoy a slice made with freshly ground tomatoes without fillers.

Olive oil

The use of olive oil throughout history is so extensive that researchers are unsure of when it even began. People throughout areas of Greece have been using the oil since before 2,000 BC. Vegetable oil can sometimes contain too many polyunsaturated fatty acids. By comparison, the oil is more delicious and beneficial. Olive oil has multiple useful effects such as reducing inflammation and protecting cells from damage.

Get More Out of Your Pizza Restaurant with Brooklyn Pizza Co.

Unlike any other pizza restaurant in Indian Shores, diners at Brooklyn Pizza Company can enjoy numerous additional options. Healthy salads, calzones, over a dozen beers on tap and more means you will never lack variety. Indian Shores patrons can also choose from pasta, burgers, and sandwiches to experience something different from your average pizza restaurant. You can go online or order delivery today by calling (727) 317-0044.