Getting a perfectly baked pie with a light, delicious crust can seem impossible with frozen supermarket options. Visiting a pizza restaurant saves you time and effort and results in more choices. When deciding on a place near Redington Beach, diners can trust in Brooklyn Pizza Company. Not only do we craft our dough daily, but we make sure the ingredients going in are fresh as well. Many times, to cut on costs, you may receive days-old selections at cheaper locations. Besides the age of the slice, many parts may be subpar, from a can, or previously frozen. At Brooklyn, we guarantee you’ll always get the freshest, tastiest food.

Differences in Pizza Quality

There are significant differences between chain businesses and smaller local joints. For one, you may find it difficult to location nutritional and product information. Topping like mushrooms must follow FDA guidelines. While fresh ingredient information is available to Redington Beach consumers, substitutes may not be. Items labeled as mushroom may be old or low quality and taste strange. Specific chains only release information relating to basic FDA allergen guidelines. Ingredients may be packed and frozen for long periods of time and contain additives. With a slice from a local pizza restaurant, you can enjoy fresh options without hidden, processed foods.

Fresh vs. Frozen

Besides a difference in taste and potential additives, frozen foods lack nutritional content. In other cases, the unhealthier factors of a meal are much higher in canned items. Redington Beach diners do not need to stick to the usual spot and consume poor-quality ingredients. Depending on which pizza restaurant you choose, there can be differences in nutritional values like:

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sodium
  • Antioxidants

A common way to ensure better nutritional content is to use fresh tomatoes. At our pizza restaurant, we only use fresh, ripe, imported pear tomatoes. Just like our dough, we make it daily, in-house. The USDA National Nutrient Database puts tomatoes from a can at nearly twice the calories and far more carbohydrates. The sodium content is also above average because of its usefulness as a preservative. In the long run, when you choose canned tomatoes, you lose the most important benefit of the fruit, which is the antioxidants. Antioxidants can contribute to a healthier heart as well as a lower risk for infection.

For the Best Pizza Restaurant Near Redington Beach, Choose Brooklyn Pizza Co.

Trust our restaurant for fresh, delicious pies in a fun, modern setting. Redington Beach patrons can contact Brooklyn Pizza Company today at (727) 317-0044 or by visiting our website. You can also go online to view more menu options and more information.