Despite its Italian origins, Brooklyn style pizza has become an American culinary phenomenon, as quintessentially American as apple pie. Luckily for pizza lovers of all kinds, this classic, thin crust style has become popular in Indian Shores as well as the Big Apple. Different regions of the country boast their unique twists on the classic pie, but Brooklyn style tends to be regarded as the American pizza, one that has spread from sea to shining sea.

So what makes this kind so delicious and unique? Keep reading to understand what makes Brooklyn style pizza stand out from the rest in Indian Shores.

A Crust You Can Fold!

The defining quality of this type of pizza lies in its crust. Unlike the usual dense, gummy crust that many are used to, it has a crisper, airier feel. Chicago style (also known as deep-dish) sometimes attracts disdain for having a soup-like quality, but Brooklyn style is much more balanced in its crust-sauce-topping combination. The ratio of sauce to crust to toppings is much more balanced. The crust is spread out thin but is still soft enough to sink your teeth into.

Compared to regular pizza, the slices also tend to be larger; traditionally, the diameter of such a pie is about 18 inches. This combination of width and thinness makes for a pliable food that you can fold in half as you eat. It also makes slices quite portable, which reflects this dish’s history as street food. You could easily walk around Indian Shores carrying a slice or two wrapped in paper!

New York Quality Brooklyn Style Pizza in Indian Shores

With Brooklyn style pizza, you are the ultimate customizer. If you want, you can go the traditional, simpler route and choose to top your ‘za with cheese and pepperoni. Alternatively, you can go crazy with the toppings. Who’s to say you can’t have a combo of caramelized onions, pepperoni, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, and bacon? Because you absolutely can!

You have a high degree of freedom not only regarding toppings but also regarding the dietary composition of the pie itself. If you are allergic to gluten, you can order a 99% gluten-free crust at our pizzeria. If you do not eat dairy, you can ask for a Brooklyn style pizza without cheese. Given the vast variety of tastes and diets in Indian Shores, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your wishes.

Brooklyn Pizza Co. Is Waiting for You

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