Pizza is more than just yeast, water, salt, tomatoes, and cheese. It is a culture, a comfort food, a passion for cuisine that reaches across the globe. The best pizza needs the right ingredients, cooking process, and convenience for it to claim the title. In the Seminole area, trust Brooklyn Pizza Company to deliver the best pies in the 33772 area.


A whole is only as good as its parts. Therefore, the best pizza is only as good as its ingredients. Our restaurant utilizes some of the freshest, purest, gourmet ingredients available to us in Seminole. Residents from all over the 33772 area come to us for our pies made fresh in-house each day. We begin with dough that we make with natural spring water for the best taste. Then, we add California vine-ripened pear tomatoes, which we hand-grind every day as well. Finally, a blanket of golden Wisconsin Grande whole milk mozzarella tops our pies, giving it the perfect gooey finish.

Some of our many tantalizing toppings include:

  • Italian sausage
  • Savory pepperoni
  • Mama’s meatballs
  • Applewood smoked bacon
  • Roasted green peppers
  • Sundried tomatoes
  • Fresh spinach
  • Caramelized onions
  • And more

Each topping is sourced from high-quality farms and produce vendors, which means you get the freshest, tastiest ingredients every time.

Cooking Process

For a hot a delicious pie, the way it’s cooked has to be just right. For New York-style pies, the thinner crust needs to be baked the right amount of time to become crispy without overcooking the toppings and cheese. Therefore, there’s as much a science as there is an art to cooking the best pizza. At Brooklyn Pizza Co. in the Seminole 33772 area, we use super high heat ovens and baking stones to improve oven-spring, which is the stage in baking where air and vapor bubbles in the dough expand, making it airy. The hotter the oven, the better the balance between the soft, cloudy interior and the crisp, golden-brown crust.


The best pizza of all is one that comes right to your door. For residents of the 33772 area and other St. Petersburg neighborhoods, Brooklyn delivers right to your home! Whether you want to host a party or it’s simply family dinner night, our large menu offers food and drinks that will suit every taste.

Choose Brooklyn Pizza Company for the Best Pizza in Seminole

Come on in to Brooklyn Pizza Co. in Seminole to enjoy our modern restaurant environment and hot, delicious cuisine. In addition to our specialty pies, we also offer delicacies like calzones, wings, sandwiches, pasta, and more. You can also enjoy local microbrews on tap and wines. Check out our menu and call us at 727-317-0044 to place an order or contact us online.