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Pizza delivery is popular throughout the United States, from Washington to Redington Beach. How did unpopular pizzerias in New York make their way into the takeout game and make this food one of the most popular meals brought to your door? Read on to learn more!

The History of Take-Away Food

Fast food has been popular long before popular chains opened their doors. Aztec street markets in Mexico offered tamales to-go in the 1500s. Even earlier, Pompeiian restaurants in the first century A.D. cooked meals for citizens to take home with them. Colonial America did offer a sort of take-out as well at busy hotels in the 18th century.

However, the restaurant-to-home food transportation that we have now originated in the United Kingdom. This took place in the mid-1940s, after World War II. While first created as a means to provide food to those unable to get it themselves, the world of take-out and food transportation has blossomed into a convenience for people of all means and ages. By having food brought to your Redington Beach home, you are allowing yourself more time to focus on other matters.

The First Pizza Delivery

It is said that the first pizza delivery happened in 1889. Italian rulers King Umberto and Queen Margherita received this dish to honor the Queen. While the king and queen were visiting Naples, a local chef made the traditional Italian bakes and brought them to the royals.

The Italian meal came to the United States in the early 1900s. Gennaro Lombardi sold slices in his New York City deli. However, it did not become very popular until after World War II. Soldiers returning from overseas came back to the States with a taste for the doughy cheese. Because of the rise in interest, restaurants began delivering. Along with the rise in fast-food services, pizza delivery took off in the 1960s and has been around ever since. Today, nearly every pizzeria offers a delivery service, often at an extra charge, though this service is worth the cost.

The Best Places to Enjoy Brooklyn Style Pizza

Pizza delivery is a fantastic convenience for those in Redington Beach. One of the best places to have this treat delivered is the beach! A typical picnic by the water consists of hot dogs, pasta salads, and fruit. All of these dishes take time to prepare and add extra weight to carry along with your beach gear. Ordering a thin and cheesy crust takes only a few minutes and also requires very little work!

As a popular vacation destination, visitors in Redington Beach often order this treat to hotel rooms as well. Parties, park picnics, and offices are well-known pizza delivery spots as well. Even so, one of the best places to order in is at home in Redington Beach. When dinner is only a phone call away, you can throw on pajamas and play a movie rather than put up with traffic.

Take-Away Your Way

Pizza delivery is common throughout the world. In addition to this savory pie, people are able to have many other meals delivered. Some of the most popular foods are:

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Sushi
  • Mexican
  • Burgers

This fare is standard in the United States, but many restaurants go above and beyond pizza delivery to bring customers bizarre foods. A restaurant in San Francisco offers rib sundaes, a Boston Asian restaurant caramel-bacon bao, and a restaurant in D.C. will bring a $130 seafood platter right to your door. You will not find such fancy fare around Redington Beach, but the classic taste of a hand-tossed crust and crushed tomato sauce is just as satisfying.

Choose Brooklyn Pizza Company for Pizza Delivery in Redington Beach

We take our pies seriously in Redington Beach. At our pizzeria, our dough is made daily with natural spring water and our sauce is made from hand-ground California vine-ripened pear tomatoes. Our pies are topped with Wisconsin Grande whole milk mozzarella and the freshest ingredients to guarantee happy customers. If pies are not your thing, our restaurant also offers Italian classics like lasagna, chicken parmesan, and homemade cannoli. For American-style eaters, we have flame-grilled burgers, chicken wings, and salads. We have something for everyone at our pizzeria! For more information, find us online or call us at (727) 317-0044.