With pizza only getting more popular as time goes on, it is not hard to find pizzerias near Indian Shores. From chains to small businesses, many people seek to serve the best version of this Italian meal. But how do restaurants make their pies unique to keep people coming back for more?

It Starts With Crust

Many pizzerias near Indian Shores and around the world have taken creative license when it comes to this doughy Italian favorite. The most important part of a pizza is the crust, as it lays the foundation for the other essential ingredients. Restaurants have put a spin on the classic round shape as well as the thickness and texture. Today, you can get your pie served on:

  • Focaccia; a doughy Italian baked bread
  • Flatbread; a bread that is not given time to rise and is rolled flat
  • Deep dish; a crust baked in a pan with a taller edge, like a cake pan
  • Thin; a flattened or rolled thin crust, sometimes made without yeast
  • New York style; a combination of thick edges and a thin, soft inner dough
  • Stuffed crust; a style with cheese and possibly other ingredients rolled into the outer dough
  • Bagels; a breakfast staple with an upgrade

While some restaurants specialize in one type of crust, you can often find pizzerias near Indian Shores with a variety of pies to suit your taste. Some eateries take it a step further and serve up typical toppings in a burrito, a cone made of dough, and even in a taco shell.

Pizzerias near Indian Shores get Saucy

Tomato-based sauce still stands as the most popular. However, a lot of pizzerias near Indian Shores use different types of tomatoes, spices, and style their sauces with different textures and thicknesses to make the recipe their own. Common tomatoes used range from San Marzano to plum, each with slightly different flavors and characteristics. Spices include basic, thyme, oregano, and garlic. With different measurements and other special ingredients, it is not difficult to give a touch of originality to this base.

Though a tomato base will always be a top choice for most pizzerias near Indian Shores, there are many unique flavors of pizza that call for an alternative. Barbecue chicken style calls for barbecue sauce instead. Buffalo ranch flavored gets a drizzle of a creamy, spicy hot sauce. White pizza skips the sauce and dives right in with ricotta and mozzarella. If none of these fit your taste, try a pie coated in salsa, hummus, tapenade, curry sauce, or even Nutella.

Cheese, Please!

Mozzarella made the first pizza cheesy back in the late 1800s, and it continues to do so today in pizzerias near Indian Shores. Traditionally made in Italy from buffalo milk, mozzarella comes as soft balls and slightly firmer shreds to go on dough. Other favorite cheeses are parmesan and provolone. While ricotta cheese is also often used, it is classified as a topping rather than an addition to the cheese layer.

Goat cheese is gaining popularity in the culinary world and can be found on goat cheese and caramelized onion pizza. Cheddar, bleu, and Fontina pair with unusual toppings to pull even further away from the traditional dish.

Top it Off

Toppings are the ultimate way to make a pie unique. Pizzerias near Indian Shores carry classics like pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and sausage. Many also change it up with options like bacon, meatballs, broccoli, and jalapenos. Around the world, other countries bake up pies with toppings that many people in the United States would not think to use.

In Japan, a popular option comes from Mr. Prix. It is a cookie crust topped with shrimp, sweet potato, and corn. The Mockba comes from Russia and is made up of salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines. A favorite Finnish dish is topped with reindeer, mushrooms, and red onion. Finally, popular toppings from India are paneer as well as chicken tikka, a chicken marinated in yogurt sauce.

Brooklyn Pizza Company

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