Any good pizza restaurant in Redington Beach will offer a variety of pies to customers. However, if you are looking to take your Italian eats to a new level, there are many recipes and eateries around the world that go above and beyond when it comes to delivering bizarre Italian dishes.

New York City: Home to the Most Expensive Pizza Restaurant

At New York City’s Industry Kitchen, prepare yourself to drop $250 for a single slice of what is called “the world’s most expensive pizza.” This decadent, doughy meal is made for the wealthy. It is coated in English white Stilton cheese, Caspian Sea caviar, flakes of Ecuadorian gold, and more. If you have more than yourself to feed, you can buy the whole pie for $2,000. If you are looking for a cheap bite, then this pizza restaurant is not for you. You can rest assured to no meal in Redington Beach will come with this price tag.

Wine Pasta

This colorful pasta comes together at home in less than half an hour! All you need is a pound of spaghetti, a bottle of wine like Cabernet or Zinfandel, and a good mix of spices. This dish has many variations including toppings like fresh parsley, walnuts, goat cheese, and broccoli. Bring in some pies from the local pizza restaurant and make this meal for a great get-together in Redington Beach!

Chocolate Tortellini

Like a few of the dishes above, this chocoholic version of classic ravioli is a fun take on traditional food. Classic Italian desserts include:

  • Tiramisu
  • Cannoli
  • Affogato
  • Zeppole

But chocolate pasta raises the bar against those traditional treats. This confection does take a bit of time and effort to prepare, but it is well worth the wait. Typically, vanilla-flavored mascarpone and ricotta make the filling of chocolate tortellini, but you can also customize as you please! Top with fresh fruit, a sweet reduction, or just simple powdered sugar. With this, you have a dessert like no other in Redington Beach.

Deep Fried Pizza

This dish is actually very popular in Scotland. Typically, it is fried until crisp, though some variations include a heavy batter to give an extra crunch. In the U.S. it is hard to find a pizza restaurant that makes this dish like they do overseas, so you may have to try it on your own. It is well worth the effort!

Gnocchi Bread Bowl

This carb-loaded take on Italian food comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When you order gnocchi, you can choose to have it served inside of a doughy bread bowl. The gnocchi itself is egg-free and is made from potatoes and cheese. Topped with creamy marinara and loaded with cheese, this is one meal that will warm you up and fill your stomach.

From Redington Beach to Brooklyn for Nutellasagna

In Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood, there was a bakery like no other. This sweet shop offered normal bites like cupcakes and cinnamon buns. However, they also had a take on an Italian dish that no shop in Redington Beach has. Robicelli’s Bakery was famous for their Nutellasagna. Instead of the typical meat and tomato sauce, Robicelli’s filled their lasagna noodles with:

  • Cannoli Cream Custard
  • Roasted Hazelnuts
  • Homemade Brûléed Marshmallow
  • Nutella Ganache

While this dessert is no longer around, you can always head to a local pizza restaurant and try some cannoli to satisfy that sweet craving.

Brooklyn Pizza Company

You might have to look outside of Redington Beach for bizarre Italian dishes like the ones above, but Brooklyn Pizza Co. is a pizza restaurant offers both classic and custom pies that are hard to turn down. With specialty flavors like Manhattan BBQ and Bacon Cheeseburger, our thin and crispy New York-style slices are perfect for everyone. We also serve other traditional meals like chicken parmesan as well as meatball subs, and tasty desserts like homemade cannoli and tiramisu. Find us online or call at (727) 317-0044 for more information.