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There are roughly 61,269 pizza restaurants in the United States, including in Seminole, Florida. In this country alone, Americans eat 350 slices every second! It is safe to say that this dish is one of the most popular in the United States. But where did this delicious food come from, and how did it make its way to us?

The History of Pizza

Throughout history, there have been many dishes styled similarly to the pies we know and love today. However, many think that our cheese-covered dough originated in Naples, Italy. Bakers would make flatbread to use up the extra dough that bakers would otherwise throw away. This was a good method to feed poor people. It also fed workers that needed a quick and cheap meal. This flatbread had various toppings, namely tomatoes and garlic.

In the 19th century, a man named Raffaele Esposito changed the game for good. In honor of visiting royalty, this baker topped his flatbread with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. These represent the colors of the Italian Flag. It is said the King and Queen enjoyed the meal so much, it was named after the Queen: Margherita.

Thanks to Esposito’s innovation, this meal gained popularity among all classes of people. In Seminole, pizza restaurants get business from people of all backgrounds.

The First of the Pizza Restaurants

In the 19th century, Naples, Italy became home to what people think is the first permanent establishment to sell pies. This pizzeria is Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba.

In the kitchens, this shop lined ovens with lava rocks from Mount Vesuvius. Vesuvius is a volcano located conveniently near Naples. To this day, they continue to bake crusts in the same way. Most pizza restaurants elsewhere, like Seminole, stick to standard oven types, like brick, conveyor, deck, and convection.

From NYC to Seminole

The late 19th century is when this dish arrived in the United States. The supposed origin of pizza restaurants in the United States came from New York City in 1905. The owner was Gennaro Lombardi. These establishments traveled short distances like New Jersey and Connecticut in early years

Even after it had reached the US, this was a dish consumed mostly by Italian immigrants as well as their descendants. This lasted until about the 1940s. After World War II, American soldiers returned from stations in Italy with an appreciation of the flatbread-and-tomato combo. It gained popularity throughout the years. Now, these Italian-inspired shops have traveled across the country, from San Francisco to Seminole.

Variations of Pizza

As the meal gained popularity, so did the idea of changing things up.  New York style is classic, with foldable crust, thin tomato sauce, and mozzarella. However, there are other well-liked forms. Chicago deep-dish layers a thick-edged crust with lots of toppings. Thin crust offers a crispy and cheesy texture that is hard to pass up. New England Greek-style starts with a thick and chewy crust and can also include “traditional” Greek toppings like Feta, artichokes, and olives.

Toppings get crazy with Hawaiian ham and pineapple and southwest BBQ chicken. Even more unique are additions like bananas, spaghetti, eggs, and caviar. The most expensive pie comes from Manhattan. It gets its price tag from luxurious toppings such as lobster and white truffles. In Seminole, most pizza restaurants manage to keep the cost below this pie’s hefty price tag of $2,000.

Brooklyn Pizza Company

In Seminole, Brooklyn Pizza Company is one of the pizza restaurants that serves it up the same way they do in NYC! We use the freshest and best ingredients in our foods. While we specialize in pies, we also serve wings, pasta, calzones, and more. From classics like Margherita to unique options like bacon cheeseburger, we are serving up quality deliciousness every day. We make our dough daily, our tomatoes are hand-ground, and our pies use Wisconsin Grande whole milk mozzarella. Visit us online or call for more information at (727) 317-0044.