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Hungry Indian Shores patrons thinking of getting the perfect, delicious slice of pie have options. However, not every restaurant is going to provide you with a great Brooklyn style pizza. What exactly makes this type of pie different from others? The main difference lies in the ingredients and thickness.

This New York-based style has a crust with the perfect sense of crunch and chewiness combined with fresh, flavorful ingredients. To achieve this, bakers usually make a dough with more air. This produces cracks in the crust and makes it more delicious. Denser, non-air-filled dough results in a chewier slice. When it comes to toppings, they are also usually thicker in proportion. For that perfect slice, look no further than Brooklyn Pizza Company. We pride ourselves on quality of our Brooklyn style pizza and providing you with a fantastic final product that leaves you feeling satisfied and happy.

What Separates Brooklyn Pizza Company from Other Pizza Restaurants?

When it comes to running a dining business, a significant problem is often freshness and quality of ingredients. Larger commercial chains often use cheaper ingredients that can result in health problems for the sensitive eater. Instead of simple, wholesome elements, they use inexpensive options ranging from lower-quality oils to premade doughs. Indian Shores residents looking for a place to dine out should not waste time with cheaper ingredients that result in a preservative-filled slice.

Every day, at least one in eight residents within Indian Shores will have a slice of ‘za for dinner. Cheaper ingredients like vegetable oil or tomatoes from a can are things you can get any time with a frozen pizza. With our amazing Brooklyn style pizza, you can avoid the frozen section or a thrown-together pie from a large commercial chain. Great ingredients like extra virgin olive oil provide that fresh, authentic taste you can recognize in every bite.

Fresh Ingredients

Using fresh ingredients is the key to avoiding a mediocre food product. It is easy to save on costs if you are a business that instead relies on frozen items. Frozen ingredients cut down on costs and work, so it is alluring for those wanting to cut corners. However, the quality of your menu will suffer. Owners and cooks may ignore that fact that items may be past their due date. Freezing can also damage foods. The tiny water molecules freeze up and can cause meats and veggies to have a different texture. Other Brooklyn style pizza restaurants in Indian Shores that freeze foods typically have to deal with:

  • Changes in color
  • Lower nutritional value
  • Trouble digesting
  • More preservatives

Variations in color can also be a sign of lowering nutritional value. Freezing ingredients such as vegetables will cause nutrients to decay. You can end up paying for a less healthy and filling meal. Also, because of damage to the cellular structure, items can be hard to digest for sensitive stomachs.

With our restaurant, you will never have to worry about less-then-fresh ingredients. We use the highest quality, authentic ingredients sourced from the best origins.

Variety of Options

Patrons within the Indian Shores area can get more than just a Brooklyn style pizza when you choose our eatery. We offer a wide range of other menu items to fit different tastes. If you are trying to eat lighter, then one of our many salad options better suit your craving. Our Caprese Salad uses fresh basil and tomatoes alongside delicious buffalo mozzarella and extra-virgin olive oil. For a meatier meal, you can also enjoy one of our flame-grilled burgers and chicken sandwiches. If you are not in the mood for one of our burger specialties like the Big Vinny Burger, you can instead build your own. Besides those options, Indian Shores patrons can enjoy:

  • Pasta
  • 99% gluten-free Brooklyn style pizza
  • Chicken wings
  • Desserts
  • Sandwiches
  • Drinks

Try Fresh Brooklyn Style Pizza Today

When looking for your next dining out experience, consider enjoying a slice of one of America’s favorite foods. Our Brooklyn style pizza uses a dough with natural spring water to create a unique and appetizing crust. Also, we only use vine-ripened pear tomatoes that are ground daily for our sauce. Indian Shores patrons looking for a top-quality pie can contact us by going online or calling at (727) 317 0044 today.